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Best Way to Hang Pictures Without Damaging Walls

    Best Way to Hang Pictures Without Damaging Walls

    Are you tired of coping with unsightly holes and wall damage from picture hanging? There are several alternative methods for hanging pictures without causing damage to the walls. This article will explore the 15 best way to hang pictures without damaging walls.

    The Best Way to Hang Pictures Without Damaging Walls

    Let’s dive in and explore the best way to hang pictures without damaging walls.

    1. Utilize adhesive hooks

    When hanging lightweight photographs, adhesive hooks are an excellent option. They are available in various sizes and can be affixed to your walls without using tools.

    These hooks are self-adhesive and removable without leaving any residue or traces. Choose the appropriate attachment size according to the weight of your artwork.

    2. Picture Ledges or Shelves

    Picture ledges or shelving are an adaptable and fashionable way to display your photographs. They can be simply mounted on your walls, and the arrangement of your photographs can be altered at any time. Additionally, picture ledges can accommodate other decorative items, such as small plants and souvenirs.

    3. Tension Rod Displays

    The use of tension rod displays to place pictures without damaging walls is ingenious. Using tension rods, you can create a temporary gallery wall without drilling holes.

    Adjust the rod length to fit between the walls, and attach your pictures using clips or strings. This method is especially useful for tenants and those who frequently rearrange their photographs.

    4. Adhesive Tape and Hooks

    Command Strips and Hooks are extremely popular because they can suspend objects without causing injury. These adhesive segments and hooks are available in various sizes and are designed to support a range of weights. Because they are simple to apply and remove, they are an excellent option for displaying pictures, frames, and other wall decorations.

    5. Decorative Tapes and Washi Tapes

    Decorative tapes, such as washi tapes, offer a temporary and creative method for hanging photographs. They are available in various colors and patterns, allowing you to add a personal touch to your photo display. Although decorative tapes may not be suitable for weighty pictures, they are ideal for lightweight frames and posters.

    6. Utilizing Velcro Strips

    Velcro strands provide a durable and damage-free method for hanging objects. They consist of two adhesive sheets, one with hooks and one with loops, which, when pressed together, connect firmly.

    Velcro strips are excellent for hanging larger, heavier pictures or frames, providing stability and simple removal when necessary and is one of the best way to hang pictures without damaging walls.

    7. Picture Display Using Clothespins And String

    For a rustic and endearing appearance, clothespins and string can be an excellent choices for hanging pictures. Attach a string or thin wire to the wall using removable adhesive hooks, and then attach your photographs onto the string using clothespins.

    This method makes picture swapping simple and adds a personal element to your wall decor.

    8. Magnetic Picture Frames And Magnetic Paint

    Magnetic frames and magnetic paint offer an innovative, damage-free method for hanging images. These have a built-in magnet that holds your photograph securely, whereas magnetic paint transforms your complete wall into a magnetic surface. With magnetic options, it is simple to rearrange photos and experiment with various configurations.

    9. Putting Photographs On A Corkboard Or Bulletin Board

    Corkboards and bulletin boards are versatile and useful method for displaying photographs, notes, and other objects.

    Your images can be affixed directly to the board without causing any damage to your walls. In addition, corkboards can be painted or covered with fabric to complement your interior design.

    10. Using Detachable Picture Hanging Strips To Create A Gallery Wall

    A gallery wall is an artistic method to display multiple photographs. Using detachable picture hanging strips, it is possible to construct an impressive display without drilling holes. These adhesive strips are intended for hanging pictures and can be removed without causing wall damage. Before applying the strips, thoroughly plan your layout for the best results.

    11. Utilizing Door-Hanging Hooks And Racks

    If you want to place pictures on doors or inside closets, over-the-door hooks, and racks are an excellent option. These hooks and racks can support lightweight frames and offer a practical storage solution for small spaces. Ensure that the hooks or racks are securely affixed and will not damage the surface to which they are attached.

    12. Picture Hanging With Wire And Clips

    Wire and clips are versatile and adaptable method for hanging images. Attach a wire between two points on your wall, then display your pictures using clips along the wire. This method allows for the simple adjustment and rearrangement of images at any time.

    13. Employing Decorative String Clips

    Using decorative strings with clips to display pictures is aesthetically pleasing and straightforward. Choose a string that complements the style of your interior design, attach it to the wall with detachable hooks, and use clips to display your photographs on the string. This method adds a touch of whimsy to your picture display.

    14. DIY Hanging Solutions Utilizing Binder Clips

    Clips for binders can be repurposed as picture hangers. Attach the binder clips directly to the wall or secure them with adhesive strips. Then, insert your photographs into the clips, and you have an inexpensive and readily adjustable hanging solution.

    15. Picture Rail Systems: Classic Appeal And Simple Installation

    Picture rail systems provide a practical mounting solution while adding a touch of elegance to your walls. They consist of a rail installed near the ceiling from which you can suspend cables or cords to display your artwork. This system eliminates the need for nails and screws to modify the height and arrangement of your frames.

    Tips for Successful Picture Hanging

    • To ensure greater adhesion, clean the wall surface before hanging artwork.
    • Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for each hanging method.
    • Use a level to ensure that your photographs are aligned and upright.
    • Consider the weight of your artwork and choose to suspend solutions accordingly.
    • Experiment with various layouts and configurations to create a visually enticing display.
    • Before mounting any artwork, take measurements and create a layout plan.


    With the many options available today, it is possible to hang pictures without causing damage to the walls. Whether you choose adhesive hangers, tension rods, command strips, or any other inventive methods described above, you can proudly display your photographs without compromising the structural integrity of your walls.

    Choose the method that best suits your requirements and the weight of the photographs. Enjoy arranging and rearranging your photographs to create a unique and visually appealing display.

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    Q1. Will adhesive hooks damage the paint on my walls?

    A. No, adhesive hooks are designed to be readily removable without leaving paint or wall surface damage. Follow the manufacturer’s removal instructions for effective removal.

    Q2. Can I reuse adhesive hooks?

    A. Once removed, adhesive fasteners are typically not reusable. Nonetheless, some manufacturers sell adhesive strips and replacement adhesive pads separately.

    Q3. How do I calculate the weight of my photographs?

    A. To ascertain the weight of your pictures, you can use a kitchen scale or consult the frame manufacturer’s packaging or product specifications.

    Q4. Are magnetic frames suitable for all types of walls?

    A. Magnetic frames are most effective on smooth surfaces. Walls with texture or unevenness may not provide a sufficient magnetic hold.

    Q5. Can I hang heavy pictures with washi tapes or decorative tapes?

    A. Washi tapes and decorative tapes are not recommended for hanging weighty artwork. They are more suitable for posters and lightweight frames.

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